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Cellulite Therapy

Meso cellulite treatments - Skin flaccidity on cellulite areas RRS HA® CELLUTRIX is usded for softening dermal surface irregularities and as a carrier for a biorevitalization solution specifically formulated for cellulitic skin. RRS HA® CELLUTRIX is therefore specially indicated for skin cellulitis depressions.

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Cellutrix is a Intradermal implant that contains a non cross linked, reservable Hyaluronic Acid* associated to a biorevitalization solution specially formulated for cellulitis.

Your skin is the biggest organ in the body. It needs hydration and nutrition to ensure it is healthy and fit for use. mesotherapy is a treatment that can ensure our skin gets the nutrition it needs.

What is Mesotherapy
Mesotherapy is a method which uses needles to insert natural extracts, homeopathic agents, pharmaceuticals, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins into the skin, where they are the most effective. The therapy is very individual and the products used depend on the state on the skin. Those products stimulate the fibroblasts into production of collagen, elastin and extracellular matter, and protect the cells from damage caused by free radicals.

The Treatment Process
Following an initial skin assessment where your needs and concerns are addressed a treatment plan is formulated. Test patch will be given to assess your suitability for the treatment.

The areas for treatment are marked out and pictures are taken for your file. Numbing cream can be applied however the treatment is of minimal discomfort. Tiny mesotherapy needles deliver the solution to the superficial skin layers through a very efficient mesotherapy regimen, the injections are set at 2cm intervals and will cover the whole area of concern. The products activate on injection, delivering the optimal concentration of active ingredients to achieve the maximum level of improvement to the healthy function cells.

How many treatments are needed
Single treatments do not give lasting results. A course of 4 or 6 treatments are recommended 1 to 2 weeks apart depending on the areas treated. The treatment results can last from 12 to 18 months however to maintain the results the course may need repeating 1-2 times per year.

What are the side effects from RRS Mesotherapy
You will experience some stinging, redness and superficial swelling, which will settle within 24-48 hours. Sometimes you may bruise. Although rare, other possible side effects include the appearance of some small needle marks which will also resolve within a few days. Infection is very, very rare.

Not recommended in pregnant and breastfeeding women

How much does RRS Treatment cost
Mesotherapy prices will vary and depends on the size of the area treated and amount of product used. Discounts on packages are available.